Image Animation with Audio sounds Android Apps Source Code for sell

Image Animation with Audio sounds Android Apps Source Code



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    Using this Talking source code you can create so many apps. You can take any Character name and rename this source code by a new name & images. You are Done with new source code :).

    In this source code when Tap on first screen it will navigate to inner main screen where you Tap any where on the screen Character will perfom different/different animation with audio sounds.When user click on info button they can see where to tap on the screen for different animation.If you want to integrate Auto Recording & Text to speech funtionality than we will integrate this with extra charges.

    How to Change This Android App Source Code:

    Step 1: Change Images : Screen1.png, 57.png, 512.png, All other buttons images

    Step 2: Change given characters images & Audio Sounds files.
    Step3: Run Application and see your new application with your selected character.

    That’s it, now You are ready to put this app in Android Google Market for sell.

    Features of the application:
    • You will get universal app for all Android Devices.
    • User friendly tab to navigation
    • Easy to handle and change data.
    • Image Animation with Audio Sounds.
    • More button for Advertisement
    Suggested Applications
    • Take any character Name
    • Any Animal Animation with audio sounds
    • Kids apps with different animation with different sounds
    You can see this app's example

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