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Recipes/Animal/Beaches Application Source Code



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    This iPhone source code is the best for display information With Image and its description.If you want to publish your article’s description with their image, this will very comfortable for display your article, any recipes, all animal information, beaches, mountain, river, most favourite places and many more things you can display using this APP’s source code.

    In this code first will be a display of Main Screen image and then when you tap to that screen it will navigate to another view which displaying listing of particular topic and when you click on the topic it will display in detail description you can change font size of description & you can also set email functionality, you can click on “view image” button to see the image and from “view description” button you can see the description using flip animation. You also have favourite option; whatever you liked you can put that thing in your favourite list by clicking on “Add Favourite” button.

    How to Change This IPhone App Source Code:

    Step 1: Change Images : Screen1.png, 57.png, 512.png, details_bg.png

    Step 2: Change given data from xml file with your actual data.

    Step3: Run Application and see your new application with your own data

    That’s it, now You are ready to put this app in iPhone App Store Market for sell.

    Features of the application:
    • User friendly tab to navigation
    • Listing management for particular topic wise with Image
    • Easy to handle and change data.
    • Email to friend.
    • Change font size.
    Suggested Applications
    • Article Listing with article Image
    • Animal Information with Images
    • Books Name with Images
    • Beach,Mountain,River or Most famous places
    • Recipes,soups,salads anything with Images
    • content based apps with Images and many more

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